My Design Rules

Below are four of my Golden Rules of Design – there are other rules as well, but these are the most important. Browse through the explanations below or contact me to discuss how I can help you.

Responsive Design

Imagine a drawing on a standard sheet of A4 paper set in a frame two metres wide and a metre high, or a giant street mural cropped down to fit that same piece of paper – neither will look at all impressive and nothing like they were intended to look. This is exactly what "Responsive Design" is all about. A good web developer (like yours truly) will recognise that there is a massive array of screen sizes, resolutions, pixel densities and aspect ratios in the devices that are used to access the web today. They will be aware of the need to accommodate these different device choices and will build the site so that it will automatically adjust itself and look good. Responsive design is an ever-evolving art, and a good web developer (like yours truly) must stay in touch with all the trends.

Good Navigation

Have you ever been browsing a website and have got to the end of a page, then looked for the navigation menu but can't find it? I have, and it's annoying as . . . yeah, you know how annoying it is! Well-designed, accessible site navigation is essential in my opinion. It should be consistant on all pages and always visible (or easily accessible with one click or tap). Without that the website will lose visitors very quickly – and that's not in the best interests of your business, or mine.

Page Loading

I don't like waiting around for something to happen, and I know most others are the same. On the internet this is especially true – a page that's slow to load will not only turn visitors away, it will also be penalised in search results meaning losses for the site owner. Research has found 53% of mobile site visits were abandoned  if a page took longer than 3 seconds to load. I've done that myself, and you probably have too. Recently I stumbled across a website for a local Cairns business that takes well over 10 seconds to load, including over 5 seconds before even any content is seen. It's a disaster for the site owner. If I ever build a site like that, please lock me away!

User Experience (UX)

Not least among my golden rules is the one that considers the user's overall experience – ideally all visitors to the websites I create will find them informative, appealing, easy to read, and easy to navigate. Achieving this requires an over-arching design philosophy that pays attention to a number of psychological concepts with strange and mysterious names like the Serial Position Effect, Fitt's Law, the Doherty Threshold, and the Peak-End Rule. Never heard of them? Don't worry, I'm on it.

In Summary

So now that you're aware of some of the things that keep a poor honest web developer awake at night (apart from coffee I mean), what's next? Well, let's get together and talk about what you need for your business. Contact me here by phone, email, Telegram, or use the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.
~ Steve.

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