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Websites by Junglenut is a Cairns-based web design business owned and operated by me, Steve Fitzgerald (a.k.a. Junglenut), a resident of Cairns for over 35 years. In that time I have worked for a variety of businesses in a variety of positions – including 4WD tour guide, sales representative and hardware store manager among others. Each of these roles have added to my skillset and experience with sales and promotions. In 2001 I started a web design business called Monsoon Web Services which was quite successful, but for health reasons I was forced to close it around 2015. Websites by Junglenut is the reincarnation of that earlier business.

I am something of a botany geek, and I spend some of my free time editing and/or creating articles on Wikipedia about the immense range of flora in the rainforests around Cairns. You can read more about that here . While working on Wikipedia I found that I was constantly searching for things: word meanings and concepts for the article I was writing, images on Wikimedia commons to complement the article, and various other things. So to make my work a little quicker and easier I created a few simple browser extentions (or addons) to help with the searches. They are listed on the browser extensions page and are free to download and use.

I am also a musician and singer, and you can catch me every Sunday afternoon at McGinty's Irish Bar , in Spence St, Cairns, where I play and sing in the Irish trad music session. Come down and check it out sometime!

Through Websites by Junglenut I create websites for small businesses, and I have a passion for honesty and integrity in business which can only work to your advantage. I can work with Wordpress and other CMS (Content Management System) frameworks, but my specialty is to hand–code your website from scratch, writing all the code myself instead of using templates and functions created by others. This gives me very fine control over the presentation of your website and ensures that I can showcase your business exactly as you want it. Another benefit from this is that I know all the code that makes up your website, and if something is not working as expected I can easily identify what the issue is and fix it in minimal time.

I am also passionate about Free and Open-Source Software, known as FOSS . I use FOSS software exclusively, and I work from a home office. As such the overheads for my business are considerably lower than large designer studios that use costly, closed-source, proprietry software and this saving is passed on to you.

So let's get your business online! You can contact me here

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